Image Armada Professional Edition

Image Armada Professional Edition

Image Armada is a virtual gallery that can be used for several...

Image Armada is a virtual gallery that can be used for several different purposes within this particular context. With it, you could display family photographs in a novel and unique environment before being packaged up with a free viewer to send to friends and relatives.

Imagine hanging your photograph collection using the frames you want and the lighting environment you want, exactly where you want within a gallery.

Then, sending that gallery to your family allowing them to walk around it and look at the photographs as if they were works of art! As an artist you could also use it to promote your artwork by setting it within a gallery framework for presentation to prospective customers or potential employers.

Instead of having to carry around great swathes of real artwork to each potential employer you can simply take a CD with all of your artwork on it and present it to them in a realistic gallery format.

The CD of course you can leave with them so that they have a lasting memory of you even after you have left, having presented your artwork in a novel and very modern manner.

As a gallery owner, you could promote yourself by compiling work held within a real gallery into a virtual gallery within Image Armada for distribution to a customer base, or simply made available to the general public on the Internet.

This can be used to increase the exposure of your gallery to the public and allow them to see what it is that your gallery is about and therefore increasing the chances of them making a personal visit.

For those that cannot visit you in person, then the virtual gallery of Image Armada can be used as an extra sales channel to help maximise your gallery's revenue.

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Image Armada Professional Edition


Image Armada Professional Edition

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